Dr. Worell has been fortunate enough to serve on the medical teams of elite sporting events, including the Ironman World Championships and the New York City Marathon. He has also cared for numerous elite, Olympic and professional athletes.  Having maintained practices across the greater New York City, Manhattan, Westchester & Hamprons locations, he is equally fortunate to have also cared for a suburban community and the well known “weekend warrior”, competitive and youth athlete.

As an athlete himself, Dr. Worell began his athletic career playing collegiate lacrosse at the University of Rhode Island.  His “love of the game” has continued on past competitive team sports and he is currently an avid endurance athlete and outdoor enthusiast.  He is 4x Ironman, marathoner & competitive triathlete for the past 20 years.

Dr. Worell has enjoyed being a finish line medical captain at events like Ironman Lake Placid and the Hamptons Marathon.  He has spent time at the professional level serving as team chiropractor, strength & conditioning coach as well as a private consultant to major sports teams, athletes and organizations.  He has been a representative and consultant internationally as a chiropractor, manual therapy expert providing ART®, Active Release Technique, and a foreign embassy health consultant.

Dr. Worell is proud of his experience as both a doctor and an athlete. The understanding he has gained from the two is invaluable. He is most proud to call himself a coach above all else.  His vast experiences as a coach (strength and conditioning, triathlon, cycling, lifestyle medicine and professional Co-Active® life coach) have helped shape him as a health professional.  It has helped him understand both personally and professionally the key to achieving a healthy, active & abundant lifestyle is a balance of physical, mental and spiritual fortitude.