Kyle is an extraordinary practitioner. He takes a personal interest in his patients and is truly dedicated to their wellness. He has helped me get thru several surgeries, and always goes way beyond the call of duty. He has helped keep me active and healthy in the course of 2 surgeries as well as ongoing treatment for back problems. No crazy joint-cracking; just the latest in hot, cold and electro treatment, as well as massage and PT. Entire staff is resourceful, friendly and sincere.

Rob R., New York


Kyle is a great healer, highly proficient, gentle, effective and caring. His holistic approach is unique. Highly recommend.

Eric, Bedford


I’ve been seeing Dr. Worell for the past 10-years for a mix of different sports-related injuries and have always had a great experience. Kyle always takes the time to get to the root cause of an injury and he and his team are great at putting together a plan to recovery. They’ve always been on time, the office is clean and they have great rehab equipment. All around great experience.

Daniel, New York


As a PGA Golf Professional, I need to take care of my body. When it shuts down, I know exactly where to go. Dr. Worell comes from an athletic background, is TPI Certified, and understand what it takes to have athletes not only maintain as they grow older but to continue to advance. Dr. Worell has the ability to treat and care for his patients in the most professional manner.

Tommy Monteverdi, PGA Golf Professional


Kyle has been an integral part of our athletic family for the past 8 years. He’s treated all 3 of my sons for various tennis and sports related injuries. I’ve seen Kyle for sciatica, and after a few visits, it was gone. My husband has seen Kyle for a pinched nerve in his neck, and again, Kyle helped him get back on track. You are in good hands (literally) with Dr. Kyle Worell.

DG in Chappaqua


I’ve learned by being on my feet all day as a celebrity colorist in New York City, my body is my temple! I have access to the best and brightest in every field of health, wellness and beauty. Who the top dermatologist, plastic surgeon, knee/shoulder/back/foot or hand surgeons and of course chiropractor, are questions I get every day!

My first “go-to” for any body pain is Dr. Kyle Worell. He can relieve 25-50% of your pain on the first visit. He extremely knowledgeable about the human body. He himself (an Ironman triathlete) is a perfect example of how to take care of your body. You leave 2″ taller and so much free-er in your body. I like to see him just for a “tune up” to stay out of pain. He’s a “10” in my book!

Sharon Dorram, SD Color, Sally Hershberger Salon


Dr. Worell very effectively helps patients meet their challenges, whether recovering from acute trauma or addressing the wear and tear of everyday life. I originally saw Dr. Worell over 10 years ago for help recovering from an accident. I recovered and went back to triathlons and a heavy work travel schedule. Over time, chronic back and knee problems returned. I ignored them pushing forward with a busy schedule, until the pain was so acute that treatment was essential and urgent. I’ve learned that I do better with periodic (and usually weekly) maintenance so I generally feel better and acute problems do not arise. Over the years, I’ve referred a wide range of people, from executives with sciatica, to ladies with issues during pregnancy, to athletes recovering from injury. All have been grateful for Dr. Worell’s effective treatment.

Greg Hewett


Dr. Worell has helped me tremendously over the years. I first saw him when I had severe neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Worell worked with me to alleviate the pain and also gave me great insight into the postural problems that were at the root of my issue. He also taught me a range of excercises to help prevent reoccurrence. Dr. Worell always follows up after treatment and takes a genuine interest in his patients. He is both thorough and knowledgeable. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Chris Teryazos


I am an avid runner and golfer with chronic lower back problems and two surgeries under my belt. I began seeing Dr. Kyle Worell on a regular basis ten years ago (while in my early fifties). His effective treatments and excellent advice on rehab and training have kept me in the game, doing the things I love. I recommend Dr. Worell without hesitation to anyone who wants support and advice in maintaining their active lifestyle.

Richard Shutran, Partner O’Melveny & Myers


I have suffered from lower back pain for decades given my active lifestyle and frequent business travel. Five years ago, a friend recommended I see Dr. Kyle Worell and I have been seeing him regularly since then. Dr. Kyle has taught me how to take care of my back so that I can continue to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. He nursed me through major surgery, and had me back playing sports faster than I expected. He’s an amazing doctor and friend, and I highly recommend him to anyone who has an active life.

Sandra Horbach, The Carlyle Group, New York


After exhausting nearly every top doctor in New York City, Dr. Kyle Worell was recommended to me by a friend and medical doctor. I have seen him for the last 7 years and he took a radically different course of action in dealing with the root causes of my migraines, chronic neck pain, and back pain. He integrated chiropractic treatments, an aggressive spinal rehabilitation program with a regular exercise regimen he developed for me. After a few visits to him I immediately noticed decreased level of pain and soreness, more range of motion in my neck, and an ability to move better. He not only treats the physical maladies I have, but he ensures I structure my day-to-day life in a healthier physical way. His knowledge and experience in treating injuries is extraordinary as is his commitment to his patients. His professionalism is unwavering! He is at the top of his field, which says a lot in chiropractic today, and a lifesaver for our family. Not only would I recommend him at the highest level, I do so regularly to friends and colleagues. His work has kept me able to live my life free of pain. I know that with continued care, I will not only get better, I stay better!

Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff. SWW Creative, New York, NY


The best way to find good medical care, is to ask someone in the field where they go themselves, or would trust sending their family. Dr. Kyle Worell is a doctor’s doctor. His care goes beyond the office, and it is a go-to person for someone who wants not only to get better than they are, but better than they were.

Seth A. Waldman, MD, Director, Division of Pain Management, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York


I have known and worked with Dr. Worell for almost ten years across a myriad of sports and activity related injuries. Kyle is in a different league as it relates to delivering holistic physical care (physical therapy, chiropractic, nutritional advice and general support) for sports and activity related injuries or obstacles. I met Kyle through a Hospital for Special Surgery referral after surgery on my right labrum in 2006 and have since seen him on and off through that recovery, multiple small and not-so-small sports related injuries and a second labral repair on my left shoulder in 2012. Kyle is a talented doctor, an incredible diagnostician and has a unique ability to both assess a problem and then tailor and implement a solution that allows me to continue to do the things I love while managing my risk and most importantly the pain associated with everything from nagging soreness to a surgical procedure. Having seen dozens in his field over the years, I can confidently say I have yet to meet another who has his combination of capabilities and depth of knowledge to assess and have impact so quickly and predictably. Kyle is passionate about his work and he lives it; as a talented athlete himself, Dr. Worell brings a constantly evolving set of perspectives to his practice that makes working with him both rewarding and interesting.

Ben Levin. Level Equity, New York


Part of Dr. Worell’s greatest skill is his ability to listen carefully. He asks what is hurting, assesses the issue – taking into account your habits, exercise, pace of routine, etc – and then figures out the best approach to alleviate your pain. I can’t count the times I have come to him feeling not just aches or agony, but frustration that I’ve landed in another uncomfortable state, and he has sent me home feeling lighter, clearer, more aligned, and pain-free. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Abigail Pogrebin


As a three sport athlete throughout my four years of high school, my body was rarely given time off. Transitioning from season to season was not as simple as trading a basketball for a tennis racket. My body (and especially my feet and back) required time to adjust. New motions accompanied by the change in sports brought pain that at a certain point became too much to ignore, and so I sought the assistance of Dr. Kyle Worell. Within only a few sessions, Dr. Worell had me back on my feet and moving at full speed. Thanks to him, I did not have to miss any games or tournaments. Unlike other medical practitioners, Kyle utilizes a method known as ART® (Active Release Techniques) which I found to be extremely effective. Once all of my pain had subsided, I was saddened at the thought of no longer having a reason to return for future treatments.

Dr. Worell is extremely personable and caring doctor. His patients are his top priority, and he is motivated to provide only the best treatment for everyone who visits his office. I wholeheartedly recommend any athlete suffering from discomfort to contact Dr. Kyle Worell.

Dylan Gambardella, Duke University, Cortland, New York


Dr. Kyle Worell has provided exceptional spine & sports medicine treatment to many of my patients over the past 3 years. I consider him to be one of the finest clinicians that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is excellent at his trade and works tirelessly to optimize the function of his patients. I have referred many patients to him and consider him an invaluable asset to the back pain and spine care community. He is well-liked, personable and patient oriented.

J. Ricky Singh, MD. Director of Interventional Spine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York


I began seeing Dr. Worell while training for my first marathon four years ago. A few weeks before the big race, I was sidelined by a hamstring injury. Luckily, Dr. Worell was a fellow athlete and on our charity team, Team Continuum. I went to see him and he got me feeling better in record time. Four years later, I continue to see Dr. Worell both for acute injuries and routine health maintenance on my back, neck and muscular issues like my hamstring. In addition to helping heal my injuries and strengthen my body, Dr. Worell has given me years of fantastic advice on exercise routines, training schedules and lifestyle. He educates me on proper stretching and exercising techniques to prevent future injury. As a medical student this was invaluable, both personally and professionally. His tremendous understanding of anatomy and physiology shows in the way in which he practices. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that I am at my peak health. I greatly appreciate the patience, professionalism, and consistency with which he conducts each session. I have sent many friends (and fellow MDs now that I am done with medical school) to see Dr. Worell. I will continue to do so with my own patients! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to heal an injury or maintain great physical health in order to keep up with an active lifestyle.

C. Rich MD.


I’ve been enthusiastic about fitness for over 30 years, active and a regular weightlifter. Over time I developed a degenerative disc at L5-S1 that caused increasing pain to the point it was limiting my leisure activities. I think I waited as long as I did to have things looked into because I didn’t want to have someone tell me I couldn’t work out anymore. With Dr. Kyle Worell’s help, I’ve had lasting, significant pain relief. Most importantly to me, whatever the course my treatment might take, (might actually need surgery) he assured me he would work with me to attain my fitness goals whatever they may be. Likely this includes an altered exercise regimen, but it is all for the better to maintain my fitness in a manner that is more sustainable over time. With Dr. Worell’s help and guidance, I have no doubts I will!

Timothy Stroupe MD. Psychiatrist, NYU/Lutheran Medical Center, New York.


Just had physical therapy on my neck as you recommended for my recent aggravation of my neck arthritis and disc issue. You are an incredibly great doctor! They were all lovely but no comparison to what you can do!

Maggie Worell, Dr. Kyle Worell’s mother.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kyle Worell for many years now and over the years we have also become friends because he genuinely cares about people. He has earned my trust which is so important when it comes to wellness. I will continue to refer friends to see Dr. Worell because of his experience, knowledge, skill & integrity. Dr. Worell allows me to be pain free and lead an active lifestyle.

Gary J. Smith. Former PGA Pro, Coach and Commentator, Golf Channel, ESPN & ABC Sports, Coach of four Ryder Cup Captains and numerous PGA & LPGA Tour Players. Founder-The 1552 Club & Society, Founder-The Sandringham Group, LLC.


I am an Olympian 800m runner for Uganda and the Central Park Track Club. I tore my left quadriceps muscle after the 2012 Olympics. The injury affected my performance and training. Due to my intense daily training my body gets fatigued a lot. After I started working with Dr. Kyle Worell my body felt so GREAT that I had one of my best workouts in years. I continue to work with him a various times in my Olympic training. Having a diversity of knowledge in treatment, Dr Kyle can affect a huge positive change in everyone’s life.

Julius Mutekanga, Ugandan Olympic Track Team, 800m.


I began casually running six years ago, when I was 26. I had no idea what I was doing! Without proper preparation or a thoughtful training program, I quickly developed a menu of sports-related injuries (tendonitis, bursitis, inflammation) that prevented me from running distances greater than 3 miles. After struggling with a couple physical therapists and various training programs, I was introduced to Dr. Kyle Worell by a colleague.

The turnaround speaks for itself! Within a year of his treatment and guidance, I completed my first 70.3 Half Ironman. The next year I ran a full marathon. Since then I have completed another Half Ironman races and two full Ironman and I am planning for my next marathon this year. Furthermore, I’ve done all of these races largely pain-free, based on his guidance on technique, the dangers of over-training, and how preventing injury is better than treating injury.

Most importantly, Dr. Worell’s approach proves that true fitness expands beyond simple exercise; with his guidance you can significantly improve your life through a combination of good nutrition, injury prevention, and a thoughtful exercise plan. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Worell to anybody who is committed to pursuing the benefits of a full athletic life.

Ruaraidh Campbell, Blackstone Financial, New York. Age-Group Ironman/Triathlete.


Dr. Worell’s knowledge of spine & sports injuries combined with his skills treating such injuries make him an outstanding doctor. I recommend him to athletes of all levels who want to get back to their highest level of play without pain.

Joshua Dines MD, Orthopedic Surgeon. Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York.


I began seeing Dr. Kyle Worell about 9 years ago after my second lower back surgery. I am a Dentist who had a long history of lower back disc issues and degenerative arthritis. Dentistry is not always kind to the spine. It is a hard job that places a lot of stress and strain on the back. After an injury to my neck two years ago that included disc herniations and pain management, my relationship was forever changed with Dr. Worell. He not only cared for and rehabbed my neck injury to a pain free place, he prevented surgery and turned me into the 50 year old triathlete that I am today. I have been seeing Dr. Worell on a regular basis throughout my training. He keeps me moving and my spine and body in shape. I have numerous triathlons and an Ironman 70.3 race under my belt. I now have my sights set on an Ironman race in the not so distant future. None of this would have been possible without the help of Dr. Worell’s constant care. I was told after my 2nd spinal surgery that I would never be this active but with Dr Worell’s encouragement, I am now a “triathlete”. I lost 60 pounds from training and was able to get off of blood pressure medications. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Worell to all of my patients, friends and family!.

Edward Lapa DDS. Founder/Owner of Lapa Dental Associates. Proud age-group triathlon and endurance athlete!


I am both a patient and colleague of Dr. Kyle Worell. I have seen him for my own low back stiffness and upper thoracic pain. I am a physical therapist and competitive cyclist. My work consists of daily hand on treatments that requires difficult body positions and physical labor. I work a lot with my upper body and at times I’ve had pain and muscle fatigue in my middle and low back. Dr. Worell’s approach consists of a thorough examination and evaluations to identify a patients problems and he generates a treatment specifically designed to alleviate joint, spinal and muscular stiffness that is directly related to the problem at hand. His treatments are extremely effective, as they have helped me return to work and cycling numerous times from injuries.

Dr. Worell’s office is expertly run and his knowledgeable staff of exercise physiologists and trainers sets him apart in both the chiropractic and physical therapy world. They deliver safe and effective education in spinal & therapeutic exercise & and perform services such as stretching and soft tissue work better than most other therapy offices I know. I would recommend Dr. Worell to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to spinal rehabilitation in addition to any other physical issues that impact daily activities, exercise and sports performance.

Matt Rivera, P.T., CSCS, Concierge Physical Health, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Worell close to 20 years now. He and I have worked together as instructors at the National College of Chiropractic and again later at the postgraduate level teaching A.R.T., Active Release Technique®. He is one of the most well rounded healthcare professionals I know because of his diverse background as a Doctor of Chiropractic, sport and spine specialist, manual therapy expert, triathlon, cycling and strength coach and executive life coach. He has totally changed the game by combining his background as a healthcare professional with both his coaching and athletic experience as a veteran triathlete and Ironman. I am honored to know the Dr. Worell, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve an injury, fitness, an active lifestyle and better health.

John J. Davidson, D.C., CSCS. Owner Ultimate Health, Instructor/Provider ART, Active Release Techniques, Chiropractor Baltimore Orioles.


Dr. Kyle’s background in sports therapy and his personal experience as an Ironman triathlete make him a powerful go-to for advice and treatment in athletic performance. What I really love about working with him is his background in executive wellness, health and life coaching. The synergistic approach he takes to a person’s overall well-being in everything they do, as opposed to simple “bigger, faster, stronger” approach in a particular sport or just treating an injury with therapy is entirely unique. I believe this holistic way of caring for someone is the best way to truly unlock potential and reach the next level.

Lisa Dolbear, Three-time Ironman and regular contributor to


I have been seeing Dr. Kyle Worell at both his NYC and Westchester practices for over six years. During this time, I’ve had different issues to address different parts of my neck, back and shoulder. The most acute problem was an undiagnosed issue in my lower back a couple of years ago. Dr. Worell was able to provide care AND connect me to the necessary other specialists who could help to diagnose and treat the problem, which turned out to be an infection in my spine resulting in major surgery. Throughout the entire rehabilitation process, Dr. Worell treated me, recommended exercises, and liaised with my other doctors for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to my care. My return to wellness has been accelerated by his attention to every aspect of my rehabilitation.

Marylee Sachs